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January 09, 2014



So... A few of you may heard of a little marriage thing happening on Saturday. For those that haven't this is an open invitation to anyone that wants to come down to crazy cakes on Saturday at 11:00, to join Robyn and I. If anyone else wants to get married let us know we've got a justice of the peace guy named Rudolf I'm sure he'd give you a sweet deal. So come on down in your workout gear and enjoy some coffee and cupcakes on us. If any one has any questions my number is 4038925573. But who am I kidding I probably couldn't answer them but I can get you in touch with Robyn who probably can.

Mark Rogers

This was a tough one. 9 rounds, rested 1 min and then finished the elusive 10th round.

Mark Rogers

@ 95#


Maybe HG and I will get in on that deal Russ! Plus you know I can't pass up on cupcakes from Crazy Cakes, so it's pretty much a win win for me... Heather might say otherwise. ha.



This was sort of an active rest day for me, so there was not going to be any death by or crushing WOD for me today. So I did a 3x5 bench @ #235, to start building that back up. Then I did a 3x5 weighted dips @ #135, managed to complete all 3 sets of 5 reps. Which is wasnt sure about at first, cause I haven't benched or done heavy dips in a while. Might have been from taking it easy on the bench, I had a little extra gas in the tank for the dips. After that did some reverse hypers, then a light 2000m row to finish off.

Looking forward to the weekend for Russ and Robyns wedding, and who knows maybe followed up by Heather and I!! That depends on what kind of a deal we can get from good old Rudolph. As January 18th HG and I will be gone to Los Cabos for some much needed R&R and vitamin D, even a daywalker like myself needs some sunshine once in a while.

Also I plan on doing some Oly lifting this weekend, gotta keep working on my technique for the Open.


Excited for Wedding day WOD at 9am!!


To look at this one doesn't look bad but in reality it is a killer, anything with the word death in it can't be good. Finished 6 in the minutes but went to 10 as Heather suggested.



8 rounds completed @ 115#

Got 4 reps into the 9th minute and knew it wasn't happening. Rested a minute and then completed the round of 9 and called it a day. Went heavier on the hpc's as I knew I could do 115# unbroken. Figured the burpees were going to limit me anyways so might as well go heavier on the hpc.

Congrats to Russ & Robyn, have a good one tomorrow!

amy boyd

I can in early today and did
back squats: 1x8 (80%), 2x5 (85%), and 1x3 (90%)
used my new knee wraps and really liked them, feeling good about my squating.
the workout today sucked lol but was happy to make it to the 10th minute. then i did some skill work and im starting to get the butterfuly pullups yay!! practice practice and more practice lol

Carter S

This was a fun wod. Did the hang cleans at 95. I was really happy with my hang cleans, I was getting good rebound and linking them all. The last few rounds of burpees really were hell. I finished 11 rounds and almost got 12 (three burpees short).

Barry & Trish

Completed 11 rounds and had 2 burpees to go to complete the 12th round. Rested during that minute and then completed the 12th round right at the buzzer. Used 75 lb. for the hang cleans. Good job everyone in the 5:30 class!

Girl Jordan

Love death by anything one burpee short of 13. Good class at 530!! Looking forward to tomorrow for Robyn and Russ!


Thanks to everyone who came to crazy cakes today(Saturday). Russ and I are very lucky to have such great friends!

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