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January 02, 2014



I have to say that I quite enjoyed today's workout, wall balls keep feeling better just need to work on getting the ball to actually hit the target. Finished in 10:33 today.

Also PR'd on my back squat by 40# and everything felt good, Heather didn't point out any issues so I am assuming that my form was good.

Mark Rogers

Shoulders are burning after that one today. Back squat was ok. Didn't go too heavy as back was sore from deadlifts yesterday. 245# squats and 10:32 for the WOD.
Nice work Kendra on the big PR today.

Tanner Tolman

awesome job Kendra! thats a huge PR!

A)Started with 3 legless rope climbs, then did a cash out of 2 legless rope climbs, I like the rope! haha

B)#355 felt good, hit below parallel on first 2 reps and hit parallel on the last rep, did a lot of squats this week so I think I can bump it up #10 next time.

C)Shouldnt have went unbroken on the first 40 reps, really burnt out my legs, then I relied on my shoulders and arms more in the KBS and that didnt help at all lol. I have to learn to pace myself so I dont burn out too soon.


Carter S

I tied my PR for my squats at 310, I thought it was a PR so I stopped. Realized later when I checked my notes that I didn't quite make it. 5 pound PR next time for sure.
The WOD was a challenge for me, WBS are the devil. I took too long of rests throughout and did it in 10:27. Everyone great job today!

Mark M

Great day for me.. Snatch PR and I got my first Bar Muscle UP!
The WOD was a good one for me too... 7:56.
Ski day tomorrow... hoping my arse isn't to wrecked from the wall balls.

Girl Jordan

Did a bit of a different squat regiment today
1x8 @ 70%
1x8 @ 75%
1x5 @ 80%
1x5 @ 85% (didn't get all these up- legs are still on vacation modeā€¦ or they're still drunk)

WOD was alright 7:58 rx super uncoordinated and dropped the ball on my face at one point

Good news of the day, ultrasound came back negative so nothing is torn in the shoulder! Looking forward to incorporating some more movements and weight back into the routine. Will also need to focus more on physio exercises and being smart with it as we approach the open.


Pr's all over the place, must be the two weeks of carb loading.

I pressed 205 today, only did that once before when I used to train it a lot over a year ago.


Today I got 200lbs for my 3rep but felt like I could do more but my back isn't a hundred percent at the moment. The wod I did 10:00rx felt good tried to take fast breaks. I want to do it again and try for 8-9min range.

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