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January 12, 2014


Mark Rogers

Congrats to the happy couple. Looks like my kind of wedding.
9:28 on the WOD today doing sets of 10 pullups and 10 ring dips instead of muscle ups. I really need to start learning how to kipp. Strict pullups are not that efficient when it comes to time.



Back Squat 3x5 @ #360

Completed all 3 sets this morning, it was a grind for sure. Did my squats from the pullup rig, with those fancy spotter arms. Because all the racks were being used, as today seems to be a busy day! On my first set of squats I should have checked the height on the arms, cause my two last reps the bar would touch the top of the spooter arms then throw me off a bit. I managed to get through those reps, but definitely made it awkward. Next 3x5 back squat, I will make sure to not leave my home (the rack). I will do all my mobility inside the rack, going to take a page out of Ryno's book.

The conditioning was good, just a short fast one today. Just went at a pace that I could do all the squats unbroken, instead of trying to air squat the shit out of those 50 reps and break them up. I will tell you this though, doing 50 air squats is much easier than the 3x5 back squat. The muscle ups were good I broke up my last set in 3 & 2, still need to work on a few things in that department. All in all I was happy with how it went, my time was 6:15 in case you were wondering Carter. hahahaha.

Tanner Tolman

A)3x5 at 335 felt good will bump it up 5 lbs next time

Broke up the squats as my legs were pooched from back squats
Did 15 ring to waist pulls
15 strict dips
The pills were rough after the first round but wanted to keep you g with a muscle up transferable skill and dips got broken up after the second round. I was definitely grunting or yelling by the end of it, bodyweight movements are my weakness lol

Rod L

Mentally, toughest WOD I've done in many months, and I've made it through some knarly chippers. Bar and ring muscle ups are both movements that I've completed successfully in the past, and technically I "have them" but today was a beat down. I was only able to complete two ring MU's and attempted bars to no avail. Finished dead last about 4 minutes behind everyone in 5:30 because I burned so much time failing on the bars and rings. That hurt and I honestly left the box angry, which isn't a good thing. I'm going to try to focus on the fact that they're extremely difficult movements that most crossfitters don't have, but progress is important to me and with the open looming, there's a bit of pressure that I'm putting on myself. Going to try to channel that energy into hard training and clean eating, along with working hard on those movements as much as my shoulders and elbows will allow.

Carter S

Haha that's awesome JT

Ryan C.

Did this WOD at home this evening and it was fun. I started out with a 20 min. Run (2.37 Miles).
A) Used 225lbs which felt very heavy the first set but got easier for the next 2.
B) Substituted 5 pull-ups and 5 Ring Dips for the Muscle-ups and finished in 9:50.

Huge Congrats to Russ and Robyn!! Wish Christa and I could have been there. I am sure it was way more fun than the meeting I was at in Red Deer. Have fun in Mexico if I don't see either of you this week.


Congrats Russ and Robyn, very happy for you both!!! So cool :)

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