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January 05, 2014




Welcome back everyone!! Big class today at 11am, people getting back into the routine! Enjoyed my time off over Christmas and New Year, even though it was just 3 days :(

I did make it in on friday night with Heather for a workout with the 4:30 class, ended up hitting #395 for my 3RM back squat. I was Happy with that! the conditioning was good as well with WBS & KBS. Some good times put up by Mark M and Jordan(girl)

Saturday Heather and I ran down to the border, to pick up those lovely sleds we used today! Plus those new foam rollers, so everyone can spend some time mobilizing!! Or just chillin in the pain cave, working out the kinks.

Today I did #365 for my 3x5 deadlift, I am going to slowly work this back up again. Right now I am really focused on my form, so I want to keep the weight managable. The conditioning was good, everyone pushed hard in my group! So it was a nice way to start the week!

Oh and Kurtis looks like we will have to put our names on our cars, seeing you and David were a little confused leaving today! ha



I was still seeing Jesus after the CFFB WOD today. When the door wouldn't open I had no idea what was happening. Good thing David noticed we were at the wrong vehicle...

CFLA looks good with those sexy 4Runners in front of it!


Got my deadlift today up to 165#, back when we did our 1RM that is where I was so def some progress. Love coming in 5 days a week, since I started that I have really noticed a lot of improvements in everything.

Really enjoyed the shoulder mobility test, have a bit to work on.



Bench Press - 3x5 @ 200#
Deadlift - 3x5 @ 365#

Same as JT, going to slowly work the lifts back up. First day back after the Christmas break for me, and I felt surprisingly good. Goal for 2014 for me is to keep consistently coming to the gym, had too many hiatuses in 2013! Fun WOD today, sleds were tough...not prowler tough but close! Good work 5:30!

Rod L

Good day today. Great to see so many familiar faces that I missed over the holidays.

Mobilty testing was great and I was surprised to find that I didn't have too many gaping holes but will work on the rxed mob exercises to improve nonetheless.

DL's at 225 working strictly on form. I am determined to put form over ego for deadlifts which is very tough because I hit (an ugly) 365 1RM a while back.

WOD was great fun- those WBSU's were knarly with no partner and no rest time. New E-sleds are awesome! I imagine there will be MUCH E-sledding when the snow melts :)

Thanks for managing the insane numbers so well today Heather and JT.

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