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January 08, 2014



I thought this would be a good little video to share on muscle ups.



Mark Rogers

A1) 95#, 115#, 135#, 155# failing on last 2 lunges. Right hip and enough by then.
A2) 4 x 8 reps using weighted vest
B) 11:37 using 40# slam ball. This went better than expected. Was hoping to keep it under 12min and was able to.

Carter S

Great video Cole!

Great workout today! It was a small little class with four of us this morning, not used to so much room with how busy the classes during the day usually are.
A1)95#, 135#, 155#, 165#
A2)40#, 55#, 70#, 75#
B)This was absolute hell haha. I used the 40# slam ball and with my short arms and legs grinded this out in 15:30 I believe. I tried to keep my rows as close to 1minute each set and I took my time on the ball slams focusing a lot on having explosion from the bottom and a hard slam coming down. If I ever do this again I'll get a faster time by taking less breaks.

Tanner Tolman

good workout today, felt like pushing it a little harder with part A

a1)70lb dumbbells 10/10/10/20 reps step back lunges, decided to burn out my last set and my glutes are definitely going to be sore tomorrow!

a2)weighted dips
then burnt out with 17 BW dips

This was okay, next time I might not program the rower each time, and just add 300m on each row or have it programmed better, wasted 5-10 seconds each time setting it. Focused on a hard long pull with the rowing and keep the pace at about 1:03 each time. Ball slams werent tough, little hard on the arms but thats what they are designed for haha.



Decided against lunges today, so I could do my 3x5 back squat.

3x5 Back Squat @ #355

Still making those small 5lbs gains each week on my squat, so I am really happy with my strength training lately.

Part B - Heather told me to use the Airdyne, so I did 1 min intervals (which sucked). But it's a nice change from rowing, as I like to row whether long distance or intervals. My time was 10:30, good job 11am! I think we all did a good job of sharing the slam balls!


Also on a side not for our ladies at CFLA, I had a co-worker (Sheri Merchant) send me some info regarding laides workout apparel she is clearing out this Saturday. The brand is called Bia Brazil Clothing, she is having an Open house at her home in Paradise Canyon from 9:30am to 2:30pm. Here is a link to their Facebook page, if you are interested you can direct message her.




A1) 135-145-155-165
A2) BW(6)-vest(5)-vest(5)-vest(5)

WOD - 13:22

WOD sucked, was a lot slower than I'd hoped for. Definite mental battle!

Girl Jordan

Just came in for the row and slam balls. Used a #45 plate instead as there weren't enough balls. 13:30- definitely need to improve my rowing, it's just the worst.


Everything was a bit rough today, hammies were tight and my balance was totally off for the lunges so did them light at 55#.

Dips were also a small disaster, I really wish I had more arm strength. Did these banded.

As for the WOD, a short one but a good one. Finished that in 12:19.

amy boyd

I did part A) 95lbs, 105, 115, 125
this felt really good was happy that i got up to 125lbs.
Then i tired my dips with the weighted vest, was kinda nerves to use it lol but i did sets of 5reps
B) i used the 25 slamball and did it 12:07, i kept my rowing faster but i think that made me out of breath with the slamballs but i tried to keep my rest breaks really fast.


A) 135, 155, 155, 155
A2) 25, 25, 40, 40

B) Did Airdyne and slammed a big med ball @20lbs. Ball was light but Airdyne @ 1min / interval was taxing on the ol' pipes.. I felt I got off easy compared to the others with a 40Lb ball. More gusto for Tomorrow! Looking forward to power cleans ;)


Cole that video was pretty funny. Learned some good stuff too.

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