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January 13, 2014


Tanner Tolman

A) bench 5x3 315/335/345x2/345x2/345x1
Was stubborn, really wanted to get 345 for 3, next time will just stick with 335 and get good solid reps

B) 14:20 I think
Used 245 for deadlift, which is 5lbs ish over my bodyweight (shouldn't have done that)
Used 24 inch box jump, that was a mistake too, had no spring from yesterdays squat yell lol tried to keep a good pace though, was sucking wind for sure



A) Bench 5x3 (not 3x5) Used #245 on all 5 sets.

B) Christine RX(+) - 8:15
Body weight 194, used #195 for the deadlifts, ha
20" box jumps

Haven't done this workout in a long time, I know it was at the old gym when we first moved in. And like Heather posted today Davids time from way back at 8:26 and his BW 177, it was crazy to think we all weighed less than 180 at one point in time. haha. I consulted with David about the workout briefly before starting, we figured it would be tough to beat that time having added a good 15 plus pounds over the years (15 good lbs, haha). When I did this a long time ago, I want to say my time was just under 8 mins so like 7:58. So today was no PR or anything, but I am happy with my time. I felt like I paced myself well in the beginning, as my final round I pushed a little harder. I think the only way I could have gotten under 8, was to have quicker transitions mainly getting back on the rower. Look forward to doing this one again, my posterior chain was done after which was a good feeling.


Oh and Congrats again to Russ and Robyn!! Good times last Saturday!!

Congratulations to Lavy and Rickshaw Bobcats! Looking forward to hearing your stories, while taking over the job of intensity and swearing at 11am.

Mark M

Damn 8 min and some seconds is fast!
The wheels definitely fell off in round 3.
Was 11:00 with 205 lbs (+10 to body weight)

Barry & Trish

Tried out a new CF box today (Kona Crossfit), out by the harbour for those of you familiar with Kona. Apparently they have seen lots of Canadians the last month trying to escape the cold. Here' s what we did.
15 -12 - 9 - 6 - 3
. Shoulder to overhead (95 lbs.) Rx was 115/75
. Pull - ups
. 30 double-unders per round (150 singles)
Time 11:28 and 14:10 for Trish

Strength component - press 5 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%, 1 @ 95%
Our taxi driver was a little unsure about where this Box was located and what we were doing out there at 7:00 am. The dispatcher thought we were going to buy a car??? I think 7:00 am was a little early for him, he was very much on Island time. Decided to walk home along the Queen K and lava fields. Always an adventure. Sunny and warm!



Back Squat - 3x5 @ 315#
Bench Press - 3x5 @ 202.5#

Christine - 12:41 @ 225# & Step-ups

Wanted to catch up the squat I missed yesterday resting my foot. Still sore so opted for step ups today to not aggravate it since I think it was the 36" box jumps last week that caused the problem. Thanks to Joey for encouraging me to do the WOD with step ups instead of sitting out completely like I was originally planning. Broke the deadifts into 6's since it was pretty heavy and taxing on the back. Didn't stop on the step ups at all. Had to swallow the ego a bit on the stepups as I enjoy box jumps and consider them a strength of mine!

Rod L

Much, much better day today. Bench was a bit weak but my arms were burned from dips yesterday.

Set a goal of 10 minutes last night, and hit it on the second. 10:00 RX @ 170. That's a 1:31 PR from August 28th.

Channeled anger from last night into today and I think it showed. Rowed 1:45, 1:50, 1:52 and everything unbroken except for the last set of DL's which were 6/6.


Why is the first WOD after the weekend always the hardest?

Skipped yesterday for a massage and am glad I did, the body needed some tweaking.

Christine - 12:56, deadlifts at 135# and also did step ups.

Bench - 65# 75# and the last three at 80#.

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