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January 06, 2014


Mark Rogers

125# push press.
10:28 on the WOD. Not very happy with that. Need to work really hard on getting my wrists/arms far enough back and out of the equation so the bar is able to rest across my shoulders on the front squats. Really slowed me down taking breaks so my wrists weren't on fire.

Mark Rogers

125# press, not push press.



Press 3x5 at #160

Front Squat @ #135


Wanted sub 7 once I seen the time going into my last 9 front squats, just couldnt move fast enough through the final 9 reps. There was just over 10 seconds till the 7 min mark. I know I still need to work on my HSPU, I mentioned that in a before the new year. I was a little worried going into the 15's for the HSPU's cause the first 3 felt hard... Then for the first time ever since I have been doing CrossFit, I had a positive thought go through my head. I told myself "Jason just calm down you got this" which it ended up working!! Yeah I still need to make some adjustments, but who would have guessed a souless ginger thinking positively?? The other reason I tried that, was because Heather told me I couldnt swear anymore today. I used up all my f-bombs during the warmup, cause of the stupid f*&%ing Sears maintenance guy not leaving me a call back number. Anyways hope you all have a good workout today! Remember positive thoughts! like rainbows and lolipops! Maybe this will be a new trend in 2014 for me, ha.

Tanner Tolman

A)Press 5x3 @185 felt good, will bump it up 5 lbs next time

B) 11:00 rx
Really proud of my HSPU progress, might be all the mobility I have been doing. Because they felt way better than when we did them in the competition. Will be working on these a lot more!


Is the oly class tomorrow night still on?



Press - 5x3 @ 145#

WOD - 15:33 (1 abmat)

Press felt good, looking forward to working this back up again. The HSPU went better than I expected. I was still slow on them but not as slow as I thought I would be. The front squats weren't too and although they did weaken the legs enough to cause my right leg to buckle once when I was flipping up onto the wall. Luckily I didn't pile head first into the wall or anything haha!

Heather Gillespie

Oly class is still on. I'm not quite as good as Joey but I will be a good substitute. Also, Ashley is filling in for Jesses mobility class and she addressing overhead mobility with some more depth and details for those who need it. See you there.


Loved this one! Love seeing HSPU in workouts so I can continue to work on them.


Press - 65#, this is one of my hardest lifts but I have progress.

Did wall walks instead of HSPU as I don't have those yet and those are also starting to feel not so intimidating.

Signed up for the Lift Off for Lupus Comp, really looking forward to that. Thanx Dallyn and Amy for putting this on.

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