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January 14, 2014



FYI - to everyone who is not on a diet or has some New Years dieting regime. There is another Free Fat Burger with Cheese coupon in todays Herald!!



Did some snatching from the 14" boxes for tech work with Tirone, as the 14" boxes pretty much hit just above my knees with the bar. So I can feel out that position, as Heather noticed I dont load my hamstrings as much as I should. So I am losing a bit of power, but still making progress which is good. Today it felt pretty good though, I kept the weight moderate. To stay forcused on form, but to also take it easy on my wrist.

Dont know how many rounds I got on the workout, Mark M and I pushed each other good today!

Tomorrow I plan on doing the row intervals from CrossFit.com, it goes 4 rounds 1000m row with 90 seconds rest (EWE). If anyone wants to join me at 11am tomorrow let me know!! It will be a great time!! Dylan I promise I will be there this time, as of right now I dont have any obligations. haha. But yeah tomorrow is sort of a "rest day" and what better way to spend it, then doing row intervals.


So twitter informed me that I left out a 105lb barbell yesterday. Worst rule ever, haha. I will pay my debt later just so everyone knows that I enforce the rule for everyone.


That's going to make Fat Burger taste even sweeter after doing 105 burpees for time!

Also Russ I am thinking friday we should tackle...


5 Rounds
AMRAP Bodyweight Bench
AMRAP Pullups

Rest as needed between rounds.

Seeing we will be in Mexico at the same time (just in different places), we have to fit the whole "Suns out Guns Out" criteria. hahaha. I was also thinking I should ask Patty B, where a guys can get a nice pair of red trunks. That are cut off a couple inches above the knee, to get that Baywatch look down!

Jordan boy

Coming in early to do my 135 burpees. I owe, I owe.

Rod L

Fun one today and the pre-wod gymnastics and relay were CRAZY AWESOME.

95lbs- 5 rounds and 26. deceptively tough given press vs. jerk. My legs were feeling it in later rounds.

Ashley's squat fairymagic witchcraft in Mob class was epic.

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