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January 07, 2014


Tanner Tolman

At first this WOD looked scary but as I got into it it wasn't as bad as Ithought it would be. The worst part was the pull ups of coarse, after the 4th round I broke them up. I like kettlebell swings and the box jumps were manageable with a step down. I was really determined not to use a band though, just to make it harder as I want to get better at bodyweight movements.

9+5 reps



Was really wanting to back squat today before the workout, but decided to put in some quality mobility time instead. This workout was a long grind, one that you just keep moving through. I never counted my rounds, cause that is just too much work. I could throw out a guess, but we all know how that ended up. haha. The good Dr. Rich Gray figured I did 10 or 11 rounds, so we will just roll with that. ha. The pull ups are definitely the tough part like Tanner said, they are the part that slows you down. So once I got to the box jumps & KBS, I always made sure to do them unbroken. Cause I was getting my rest during the pullups in my later rounds, as those got broken up into 3's and 2's. For the box jumps I got a good push from the jump master Tirone, we had to share a box so we went jump for jump. I never stepped down cause that could get ugly, as 36" is still pretty high for this long femur'd red head.



TK - 5rds + 1

Strict pull-ups are not a strength of mine clearly. Used the thin purple band for the 4th and 5th rounds, should've went to it sooner I imagine...but I'm stubborn. Box jumps were fine, until the one rep when my legs said "NOPE!" resulting in scrapes down both inner shins. Slow grinder no doubt! Good work 4:30!


It was not a nice one today, loved the KBS and happy that I have those back up to 16kg. I also have very little upper body strength so the pullups were tough.

7 rounds plus pullups and 2 box jumps.

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