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February 27, 2014



Question here! Just wondering if it is just the open or if regular classes are scheduled as well. Trying to figure out if we have to be up in the morning or not :P

Heather G

We will be doing this open workout throughout the day tomorrow. If you are signed up or not this is the WOD for the day. The schedule is the same as always just a little extra nervous energy floating around the building tomorrow if you are signed up.

Mark Rogers

159. 3 rounds + 24. I was hoping to get thru 4 rounds but knew that DU's would probably get the best of me; and they did. Great job last night Jeff. That was a good total. My goal for the Open is not to finish last. Haha! Hope everyone has fun 14.1, it was a great way to start.

Tanner Tolman

263! Really happy with that, double unders went better than I thought! Thanks to Joey and Brittany for cheering me on, defi ugly helped the last minute! Good luck everyone!

Giant Jeff

Thanks, Mark! You too! Gotta love the Open. Wish I could be there this weekend to cheer you all on. I guess I'll just have to wait for 14.2.

Good luck, you guys!



304 - Feel pretty good about that, as I am positive its an improvement from 2011. My math was way off though as I thought 305 was 7 full rounds, but it's 315 for 7 completed rounds. We did go over some strategy tips prior to starting, but once HG said 3,2,1 go I was in the zone. Cause HG was telling me to switch to a clean & jerk, but yeah..... haha. The good news is my doubles were working for me, and I felt like I did a good job of moving consistently.

Good luck to everyone hitting this one up today, if I feel like a real go get'er I might give it another shot over the weekend. To attempt the whole switch from a power snatch to a clean and jerk. But either way I am happy with me score, and there is still a long way to go (4 more workouts). Good job 11am!! And to everyone who was cheering and pushing one another, Heather sorry for not listening to you. At least it only happens in the gym mid WOD, as I am a good listener outside of the gym ;).

Rod L

Made a plan last night and it was 5 rounds- 225. Nailed it to the rep.

225. Paced my first sets carefully and was really glad I did. Switched to C+J halfway through three (as planned) and felt it was the right choice. Unbroken on DU's. Felt really, really great. Thanks to Cheryl O. for judging. Good push 11AM. We're into it now!

Mark Rogers

I want to send out a pre-apology to all of you who may end up on my team. I will try not drag you down too much. Haha!

amy boyd

Well the first one is done, and i wont be doing it again lol
256 feel pretty good about the score, my shoulders were on fire after about round 4. It was alot harder then i thought, but its expected to be hard being the open and all :)


Quick question - might have already been answered but i can't see it....do we put Heathers name as the judge on the Open submission or our actual judge? I'm pretty sure it's Heather but want to confirm.


Kirby it depends...if your judge passed the judge's course then you put your judge's name. If not then I would suggest putting the name of someone who was there who DOES have the judge's course. In your case I was there and JT was there (to my knowledge) who have passed the course. This is a bigger deal if you're going for regionals. This is my understanding of it...I could be wrong though!!! It has been known to happen from time to time.


14.1 Finito! Felt better than expected. 234. The little devil inside me keeps telling me to do it again. Big shout out to Russ for giving me some motivation.

Heather G

You may enter the name of the person who judged you during the workout. Just like the video submissions, if you feel like you might make the top 60 you will need to have someone who passed the judges course to judge you during the wod. I should add that if you would like to have someone video your workout that is entirely possible with all the bodies hanging around. Please bring your own device to record the workouts though as we don't have the equipment to hold that much data (nor do I want to be responsible for possibly running out of data during your workout) Please check the rules clarifying how the video must be made prior to coming in. I would encourage anyone who thinks they have that chance at Regionals to go ahead and make a recording. A couple of workouts into the open we will be able to see if that will become a reality or not. Filming may even give you a better perspective of how you perform during tests, it is not useless info and you may gain some knowledge from watching yourself.


That was really rough. 300 reps fairly happy with that. It's great to have such an awesome group of people to suffer with. Huge props to Rory who killed it to. Excited to watch everyone tomorrow take it on Good Luck.

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