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February 19, 2014



That was mental. His free hand stands were smooth as silk...

Mark Rogers

A) 95# Worked getting into the right position more than worrying about the weight.
B) 13:18. Shoulders are toast after this one. I think they were done after the warm-up and becuase of the HSPU's yesterday. That was a tough warm-up. Thanks Jeff!



Got up to #225 for my snatch balance, which I was happy about that! Cause my wrist wasnt giving me grief, holding that weight overhead. Must have been Jeff's awesome warm up, I now see how the extra work helps in warm up. Even if we give him some flack, ha. So thanks Jeff!

Now if only I could take that weight from the floor OH and not from a rack. #snatchingproblems... Oh yeah this isnt twitter. Oh well just felt like hastaging. I did spend some time in the garage tuesday night, working on the final pull for the snatch. It felt pretty good so hopefully, things start to come together for me. For anyone who hasnt signed up for the Open, because they are worried about a certain lift or movement. Trust me when I say I am no different, snatching is the worst possible thing for me. And each year for the past two years, HQ puts togehter a workout with lots of snatches in it. It frustrates the shit out of me, but that is what it's all about! (in a good way). Cause it makes you want to do it again down the road, to overcome that hurdle. That was my motivation for the day! #

Conditioning was rough but fun, rowing WBS & KBS are tough but you push through it. I used the 11' target and 64lb KB, dont know my exact time. Just felt like I gave it a good push today.


Oh is anyone by chance going down to the states/border? I have some hair wax that is at "At the Border Storage", so just seeing if anyone wanted to bring it back for me. I told HG she could wax my chest and back hair, so she is chomping at the bit for this opportunity. But it's at a stand still until we get the wax, anyones help in this would be appreciated. haha

I am just kidding it's not body hair wax, it is Layrite for my hair on the top of my head.

Rod L

Shoulder was doing some weird stuff so only made 85 on double snatch balance but did a few full snatches and everything felt solid so I'm not worried.

13:58 RX. was much harder than it looked- only goal was unbroken KBS and made that.

Heather G

um yeah sorry if you have misread me somehow my sweet Jason but I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to do any kind of hair maintenance on you. I will however go for a Sunday afternoon drive with you and pick up your wax.

amy boyd

Really liked this workout, even though it was a rough one. I used to 20kg kettle bell which made it hard to go on broken but i did it:) my time was 14:46 happy cause i wanted to make sure i was within the 15min mark. Then i decided that it would be "FUN" to do 20min intervals on the airdyne..... i was wrong hahaha but hey i did it lol Thanks for the class Heather and Joey

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