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February 17, 2014


Mark Rogers

Wow. Looks like a great way to start the week.

Mark Rogers

That was humbling this morning. 296 reps. Somebody really needs to teach me how to kip. Pullups absolutely killed my reps.


This was a fun one! Just made it through pull ups as the buzzer went.
Got some help on my hspu from Heather today before class and I'm really happy with how far they've come in the last week. If today is any indication, it's going to be a great week!!


This is for all that wanted to keep me accountable for my workouts this week. Here ya are
push press
strict pullups
handstand holds

8 min AMRAPx2
15kbs (16)
5 CTD pushups
5 box jumps
5 HR pushups

Finished 9 rounds on the dot.

not quite the same as what you guys accomplished today. Keep it up

Tanner Tolman

Did this one in my garage as I slept through my alarm this morning

A) squat 3x5 345/350/350x3
Will try for this again next week

B) 340 reps. Did 100 single skips cause I have a scrappy rope, and did 25lb plate cleans instead of medball cleans.

Rod L

Nice work Laura!

18 MB cleans/268 Not as bad as I thought. Would like to chipper the whole thing at some point.


29 MB cleans/279. Used 55lb. for the press and squats. High 5's to Cole and Jordan who made it to the burpees.

Cole Balog

This was a fun one for sure. Pretty easy all the way until the med ball cleans which burned quite a bit. Had to ask myself "what would Harvey do?" and that helped haha. Funny to say that question makes me work harder each and every workout haha. Completed 2 burpees which I guess is 302 reps. Looking back I should have pushed harder through the med balls but my mental game needs a lot of work. It is what it is though. Nice job 5:30... I agree with Giant Geoff and wanting to be like mean machine Barry in 10 years... Barry is 37 right?

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