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February 24, 2014


Mark Rogers

A) 115#, 155#, 165#, 165#, 175# (new PR)
B) 8:46 using 24kg KB. Lower back was throbbing after this one. Cash out definitely helped stretch it out. Thanks Jeff.



Spent a good portion on my evening "In the Pain Cave" on our living room floor, working out some major knots and sore spots. Then I had Dr Heather do some chiropractic work on me, it only took one attempt and my back cracked and it felt awesome! (But please dont attempt this at home, we are trained professionals and totally know what we are doing, haha).

Today I ended up getting a fair bit of volume in, did my 3x5 back squat and the 5x3 bench today. So I jumped into the conditioning a little late, as there was a fairly big group at 11am today.

Back Squat 3x5 @ #360 this felt hard but good!
Bench 5x3 @ #235 dialed the weight back as I haven't benched in awhile, so the weight I went with was just right.

Conditioning was fun! I really pushed it hard on the shuttle runs, to keep my heart rate up throughout the rounds. My back held up good which was awesome, so the 8 rounds was just right. I think anything more than that, I would have had to shut it down. Tonight I will try and do a little more mobility, probably not as much as last night. Then see what happens again tomorrow! Only 2 more days!!!


hahaha I thought Dr Chelsea was aggressive!

Tanner Tolman

had fun on bench today, like always, but wasnt as strong as last.
a)315/335/340/340x2 then dropped down to 225 for a burnout set of 11, felt really light and heavy at the same time lol.

b)9:05 like a second behind Carter... was trying to keep up with him... fast little guy haha. I fell behind in the sprints but made up for it with lightning fast KBS 53lbs and push ups.

Rod L

Awesome, awesome day.

Bench karma and the bench gods were on my side today. 130, 135, 145, 155PR, 165PR. 15LB PR! 165X3 should mean that I have a proper Bodyweight 1RM. FINALLY. This has been a goal since I walked in the doors of CFLA. Ecstatic. Will test it for real in the coming days.

8:56RX and unbroken. Everything was working. One of the best workouts I've had in a while. Wasn't the only one tasting blood and having a few little fran-coughs. Hurt so good.


This was a good one today for sure. Russ and I were schooled by Harvie on the bench. That Saskabush girl throws some weight around... 185# 205# 215# we did 3 sets of 5 instead or something of that noise. Russ your boobs look bigger already.... Conditioning was a back burner again. 830... Stayed tight around 40 secs per round.


I'm starting to enjoy bench a little more, mostly because of the way it makes my boobies feel. It was nice to be able to do the class as it wasn't to hard on the back. Conditioning is feeling pretty good hopefully the body starts cooperating. 7:47 on the workout. If anyone hasn't signed up for the open DO IT. And Cole has some nice chesticles.


I miss everyone!!!! I'm drinking wine for my wod today


Robyn wine does the body great!

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