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February 23, 2014


Mark Rogers

A) @ 115#
B) 7:16Rx This was a lot slower than I was hoping. Front rack position still needs a lot of work.

Tanner Tolman

Good tips today from Joey, I think I would've used my arms more in the clean pulls but tried to use my hips a lot more. Good cues! Part A beat me up a lot, but I cam tell working on mobility has helped a lot. Now I need to work more on my wrists now haha

A) 135, didn't want to go heavier, didn't want to hurt anything, so tried to keep as good as form as I could.

B) used 135lbs for this because it it felt good while warming up. Flutes and quads were on fire by the end of it.
7:55 happy with that time



There are a whole bunch of Sochi mooments that come to mind for me, as it's pretty hard to just pick one throughout the 17 days of competition. Obviously the big one being both Canadian men and women taking home gold in hockey!! The women's game was much more exciting, and goes to show you how hockey is a game of inches. The speed skating has always been a favorite for me, I remember growing up all I wanted was massive legs like them. I also think it's amazing how so many of them compete in other races, unlike sprinters/runners in the summer olympics. So in a way it's similar to CrossFit, that your not just good at one thing. My other fav events are bobsled and biathlon, they are very different but exciting to watch.

Highlight was without a doubt the womens bobsled!! HG and I had a really good laugh in bed watching that one night! Now I am not a bobsledder or have ever gone down the track in a bobsled before, but from watching the men one morning. The commentators were very harsh on the men, anytime their sled made contact with the track exiting a turn. So not only did you have to be a big powerful athlete, you also needed to show smooth driving skills. Fast forward to the next day it was the ladies turn, where yes they are powerful strong ladies. But I dont think they worry too much about the whole "driving part". As it looked like a game of pinball, the amount of times they would slam into the track and skid etc. The funny thing is they still pulled off fast times?! Who would have thought?!? ha. I think the womens mentallity for bobsled is 'Get from point A to point B as fast as possible'(sounds a lot like Fran, just do it fast, ha) and hey who needs to steer cause isnt that what the track is for??? haha. Thankfully those american ladies did just that in their final race, which ended up costing them the gold. ha.


Oh and yeah the workout today. ha.

Used #195 for part A, felt like just the right weight. Where it wasn't too heavy and form would be lacking.

Part B) Sucked as I had to stop after the half way mark, as my back started to really tighten up. Sorry for that loud F-bomb 11am, you might have not even noticed as you were probably pushing hard thruogh the workout. After Heather and I talked about what the issue might be, which we figure its a tight upper back. So I will start doing more OH stretching, to hopefully achieve a more relaxed rack position. As it's so tight right now, it's sort of rounding my shoulders at the bottom of the squat even though everything else is upright. The weight just ends up being a little too far out front, which is lighting up my low back. So thank you Heather for the feedback!


Only a few more days to sign up for the Open, here is an annoucement from Danny (aka Joey) bro flex.....


slow day at the office Dawn, also stop making Val work so hard.



Part A - 185# - probably could've gone heavier as each set was pretty easy

Part B - 8:22 @ 115#

Lower back was lit up like JT's. Thought my issue was lower abs but I really focused on keeping them tight during this so wondering if I wasn't doing the same thing JT was. Food for thought and something I will watch for next time.

Rod L

EMOM C+J? My favourite kind of fitness party. Went 155 and it was perrrrrrfect. Hit every one and cleans felt super awesome. Really hoping to see some form of a C+J ladder in the open.

If something came up like 14 minute AMRAP 5 C+J at 115, 50DU, 5C+J at 135, 50DU, 5 C+J at 155. . .omgoodness. One can hope, right?

RXed B and it hurt but moved well and got work done. Worked hard to keep my pulls looking good. Front Squats feeling really solid at 95, so when we see those 95lb thrusters in the open I think I'll be okay. 8:30ish.

Also: watched Crossfit Journal Offline, Episode 4: The "Knees Out" Cue (http://journal.crossfit.com/2014/02/offline-tba.tpl) and one thing that really resonated with me was the discussion about tracking the knee in the same path in both directions- worked on that really consciously today with the front squats.

What a fun day.

"You didn't sign up for the open? You didn't sign up for LIFE! Your life is CANCELLED." bahahahahaha. Danny, chill. I signed up.


JT - did you sign up your beard for the open as well?


A) 65# with a nice little reminder to be more aggressive going overhead.
B) 8:50 at 65#. I know that was lowered from the original weights, but I guess that's the benefits of going at the end of the day. I'm still counting it as rx, which makes it my first rx workout!!! Super happy tonight. Big thanks to Joey for giving me the death glare every time I put the bar down for too long.


Yes Scott I was all over it for my beard, also how can I sign up for the shirts and skins Open?


Part A was a good little work out. I quite enjoy the EMON stucture. Worked up to 195# which felt pretty good. Did not want to go to heavy as part B and front squats were up and coming. Part B was a tough one for me mentally. I had no get up and go from the get go and struggled mentally all the way through. Probably went to heavy at 135# and firm broke down halfway through ish. I blame the early morning hockey game haha. 11 mins or so...

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