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February 25, 2014


Tanner Tolman

As soon as I saw front squats last night, I instantly got negative and a little angry. And this morning I had to force myself to come, everything seemed sore and wasn't motivated at all. I took extra long warming up almost to delay or tell myself that I was going to skip and just do mobility. But then I decided to just put my big boy pants on and do it. Glad I did!

A1)185/225/255/275/295PR woo!
A2) 10/10/10/9/9 fat bar pull ups

B) 10rds RX

The pull ups were the hardest part, talking to Joey after I found out I was pulling a little too far, as I thought the bar had to be around the bottom of the pec line . But I'm happy with what I got. Glad I got out of bed!


I just wanted to say that doing strict pullups today was awesome. I was able to see how far I have come and it encourages me to keep moving forward. I am so grateful of the entire coaching staff that is incredibly supportive and push me in the right direction. What the hell am I going to do when I am finished school in lethbridge! :(



Front Squat - 205-225-245-265-275
Strict Pull-ups - 4-4-3-3-3

WOD - 9 rounds + 11 reps

Front squat felt ok today but I picked a shitty bar for them (centre knurlings) and it was killing my neck haha. Strict pull-ups continue to be a weakness, no doubt. WOD felt great today, it's funny how the first 6 rounds take less than 2 minutes and the rest takes 8! Finishing the evening off making JT jealous by crushing a meatza...so good when it hits your lips! Oh and I signed up for the Open, it's been awhile so we'll see how that goes. Probably regret it when the first WOD is a billion burpees for time!


Pretty sweet day again planned by the one they call HG. Front squat felt okay... 185# 205# 225# for the last three. Pull ups went 10-10-10-9-5 cause I was lazy. Fun and busy conditioning today. In to the 13th round with 13 wbs and 8 pull-ups. Nice job today guys... Jordan Harvie stick your hands in pickle juice for 6.96 mins. 60% of the time it works every time.

Shout out to the Kirbster for signing up for the open.


Awesome conditioning session today good push 5:30. Made it into round 14 with 6 wall balls. Conditioning is feeling a bit better all the time. Worked on snatch balance for a first time and realized I've got a long ways to go to develop my overhead strength and position. Happy open everyone

Rod L

Went in for noon and had a lot of fun with a small crew.

165, 175, 185, 195, 205PR.
Got halfway through 11 and out more C2B's together than I have before.

Girl Jordan

Was able to actually front squat a bit today with weight so that was nice. Kept it light #65 #85 #105 #125 #135. Pull-ups were abismal can hardly do them in that hollow position, need to work on my shoulder strength in that sense. Tried to keep on pace or stay ahead of old man Russ, but ended up matching for 6 WBS into round 14.
Tore the crap out of my hand in round 11 and had to switch to reverse grip c2b to avoid blood dripping down my arm if I kept going with the butterfly's. Apparently pickle juice is the magic sauce??

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