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June 19, 2014


Sean G

A1) 50, 60, 70, 70
A2) 95, 115, 135, 135. I love posterior chain movements like good mornings, they play right into my wheelhouse... having a giant butt hahaha.

B) Completed rep round 11 + 23 reps. Used the 11 ft target this morning for a little bit extra of a challenge.


A1) Did all sets with 25
A2) 35/45/55/65

B) Finished 8 rep round + 13 reps

Always look forward to Friday morning with the moms class!!



A) Practiced snatching - still feeling it out. ha

B) Finished round of 12 and just did 1 K2E for good measure, noticed Sean posted going to the 11' line. So the competitive side in me just had to shoot for that as well, but to just make it even more interesting or MOD'd up, I squeezed my wallball between my legs for the K2E, similar to what you may have seen during the NPFL combine HSPU event in Vegas. Cause it wouldnt be CrossFit or cool, if we just did normal movement and just did it well.


Forgot my hashtags #bastardizedmovement #lookatmenow #youronlycoolifyouimplementstupidshit

Devon W

Forgot to post today
A1) realized in started too heavy I used I 115 for all four
A2) this is a major weakness and only did 35 pounds
B) just finished the 10th round with 2 seconds left. I did as it was on the board. No additons like Jt and Sean..

Devon W

Oops switch the a1 and a2 around

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