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June 26, 2014


Sean G

A)worked up to a 145# complex, I'm pretty sure I can do a little more than that normally, but it felt like I was still paying for FGB a bit this morning haha.

B1&2) Used the weight vest and did my dips on the rings.

C) 1:30.7

Devon W

A) This did not feel good what so ever. The snatches felt descent at best and then the OHS really killed me. I need to really work on my shoulder mobility.

B) Used bands for both. These are getting better.

C) 1:32.8. I was trying to see if I could do sub 1:30, however I fell off the seat 50m's in haha.


A) Worked my way up to 105#, but failed the two times I tried to get past the OHS squat. Snatch and hang snatch felt good though.
B1&2) Red band for chin ups and RX for dips.
C) 1:46.9


Did Fight Gone Bad today, but did WBS only to 9 foot target.
Got 214 reps. First time doing this one and actually really enjoyed it.

Carter S

A) worked up to a 175# complex and still felt really good, challenged myself with the 180# complex and hit a PR on my hang snatch

B1&2) focused on negatives

C) 1:35.5 about the best I can hope for with my short legs, still really happy with it though. Just doing my best to keep up with the giants in the gym ( aka everyone taller than me haha)

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