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June 29, 2014


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Devon W

A) worked up to 165
B) worked up to 205

Both PR

C) 10:40 this was the first crack at this one. This was hard but I did it has prescribed on the board so now I have my benchmark and I can't wait to beat it.

This was my first class in a long time since heather has been the coach and you almost forget how amazing she is. Just the quick adjustments that she makes with you makes such a difference. I have progressed so much since I first started I am blown away that under 3 months that I could have this much weight loss but still be adding to my weights in everything. I am so addicted it seems like crossfit is all that I talk to people about now hahaha.

Thank you so much crossfit you definitely have a client for life.


A) 95, 145, 165, 175, 175, 185 - Failed on the second rep.
B) 95, 165, 170-Failed 2nd rep, 165, 165, 170 Got it!
C) Fran, fran, fran... 14:54 RX
Was really tough, 95# is pretty brutal on the thrusters. But now I have a benchmark to beat!
Thanks for the push guys this morning! I second everything Devon said.


Heather G

Thanks guys! You all make it a pleasure to roll out of bed in the morn. I know I don't coach many early morning sessions but when I do I get the treat of seeing all of the improvements you have made since the last time I was in. Keep up all the hard work.

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