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June 25, 2014


Sean G

359 Rx. This one is pretty rough, and I'm always in excruciating amounts of pain at the end, but I actually really like Fight Gone Bad and I always look forward to it (with just a little bit of dread) whenever it comes up.

Devon W

264. This one had 3 of my strengths (WBS, Box jump, and Rowing) so I wanted to do really well in this. However, I tapered off pretty quickly after the first set. I really "enjoyed" this workout and I look forward to getting in the 300's next time we do it.

JT - I read your comment yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you for the advice and support. This is just another reason why crossfit is the gym for me, it is so much more than just a place where you go to workout.


215 Rx.

Good job Sean and Devon! Great workout and now I have a benchmark.


Carter S

319 Rx'd
This was one of the first WODs I did when I first started two years ago, don't know what I got the last time I did fight gone bad. Now I have a score to push myself against for the next time this one comes along. I felt really good definitely know I could have pushed harder on this one.


No problem Devon!

I bet everyone's having a good time with this one today! haha. Last week it was a workout tailored for a boxer, this week it's Fight Gone Bad which was designed for BJ Penn!! Just dont go fighting people in the streets now, ha.

I will have to do this one again, just have to wait till I feel better.


318 for me. Up from 264 last time around, so good improvement for me. That WOD just makes me grumpy. Have to say CFLA has been assaulting our gas tanks this week. Maybe a nice slow heavy lift tomorrow Heather?

Rod L

302Rx. Up from 249 June 21 2013.
Very happy with the improvement but felt like the improvement could have been more. Movement, strength, rest planning, and engine were okay, I think it's mental game at this point. I think I just have to be more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Great atmosphere in the box today. So stoked to see everyone push so hard. Great work, CFLA.


411. Great to do some of the classes this week. 6:30 class was small but we pushed hard. Chad, Heath and bird kicked its a$$ tonight well done people.


284. A PR, but only by 3. Haven't done FGB for a while, but it was exactly how I remembered it to be. Congrats to everyone who completed FGB for the first time! There seemed to be a pretty good turnout for the 4:30 and 5:30 classes. I'll post Trish's score for her too. 237 up from 216 - so a PR as well. Thanks Joey for getting things organized!

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