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June 24, 2014


Sean G

A) Did the first round with 24kg, and all subsequent with 32kg.
B)12:18 with 60# DBs. Having a big butt helped with the lunges, but those dumbells got pretty hard to carry after a couple of rounds, and I definitely need to spend some time with L-sits, they gave me a lot of grief today hahaha.

Devon W

A) Did the first 2 rounds with 24kg, and 3 rounds of 32kg.
B) 14:00 with 35# DBs. My L-sits were weak to say the least. I probably should have gone a bit heavier.



Tweaked my back doing some back squats the other day, so I will be taking it easy for the next 1-2 weeks. I was fortunate to get in to see Dr. Chelsea right away at Power Health, but she figures I need to let it relax for a bit. Which she is very aware of how us CrossFitters "relax", but I will definitely take that to heart. So I dont rush into coming back and not being 97%, cause I know I am never at 100% when it comes to being pain/injury free. I figure if I was ever training at 100%, then I would be Rich Froning or have to be taking PED's.

Hope everyone's having a good week so far! And that everyone enjoys the weekend, doing stuff outside the gym if the weathers nice!

Congrats Devon on doing that workout the other day required! As I noticed you've been commenting a bit on that lately regarding RX'ing the WOD one day. I'm not trying to sound like a downer, but I wouldnt get too caught up in always needing to put an RX next to your time or score. Cause from reading all your previous comments, everyday you've been making progress and working hard. I remember reading your comment about the weight you have lost, which is HUGE and a much bigger accomplishment in my eyes. So just keep on keepin' on!


Went to last night's 5:30 class after having a week off to run the Grand Canyon and a little recovery in Las Vegas after that. Run in the Canyon went well. Did around 50 km, starting at around 8200 ft and going down to 2900 ft and then back up again. Temperature got a little warm, around 104 F. Went to CrossFit MaxEffort while in Vegas; it was a very large box, with about 35 people doing the WOD. Probably close to half we're drop-ins. Drop-ins are only allowed to attend at certain times (L1 & L2). It's always cool to see what boxes do differently. It's also nice to know that with our coaches prepare us well and I don't feel out of place when doing WOD's. Picked up a neat idea for keeping track of your rounds during AMRAP WODS. See me if you are prone lose count and I'll show you the 'abacus' we used. Simple to make, simple to use.


had a lot of fun in todays workout!!! Rod made me cowgirl up so I got up to 60lb DBs on part A. Then part B i used 40lb DBs and that I must say SUCKED lol it was a good way to lift some heavy weight and try to just keep moving i will for sure be sore tomorrow #bootylikeboyd ;)

Rod L.

A) 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.
B) 14:00 with L-sits between 20" boxes.

My lats were still wasted from Monday/tuesday.

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