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July 03, 2014


Sean G

Just spent some time working on mobility and technique for A) and B).

C) Used a 50# DB and rowed 200m per round... I knew that if I sprinted, despite my best efforts I would get competitive, go way too fast, and beat myself up for tonight hahaha.

Devon W

A) First time doing this. Started and stayed at 95#'s for the 4 sets
B) Worked up to 115

C) 5:33 with 40# db. Probably should have gone a bit heavier but still please with myself on this one.

Also, just wanted to say good luck to all of the people competing in the Summer games over the weekend.

Mark Rogers

A) only did this an empty bar. Trying to keep light on the ankle. Even this started to hurt at a bit part way through.
B) 75, 105, 125, 145
C) Modified and did 45 sec of hard airdyne and did DB snatch @ 40# for 5 rounds. Time was around 5min. Unsure exactly as the clock was not running inside.

Goodluck to all this weekend. Show them what CFLA is all about!


Nice work on those Double Unders Rod! Funny cause I was talking to Robbie yesterday, he was debating breaking up the doubles instead of doing 100 or 150 or all 200 unbroken. Cause doing a lot could gas you for the rest of the workout, but in the end it's like roulette... you never stop when your on a roll!

Go CrossFit Lethbridge!!! Represent!

Christa C

Good luck this weekend all!!!
Great week back at the gym after a 3 week hiatus. Just for future reference, 3 weeks of nothing followed by Fran as your first workout back is not the best idea! So sore but so good.

Barry E

Sunday Olympic lifting -
Good turnout this morning. Enjoyed the 15 min EMOM -
1 squat clean, 1 hang clean &
Split Jerk. Ascending weight every 5 min. 80, 100, 110.

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