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July 02, 2014


Sean G


Really pleased with how my T2B is progressing, DUs are still a little sticky for me, but I was able to burn through the T2B quickly, which helped me make up some time.


I love the days when we play with gymnastics skills!

17:44 with a few adjustments.

150 singles and 125 DUs.
My T2B were more of a mix of K2E and just kipping swings.
Blue band for the dips.

Another fun day with the 6am group...and a great chance to try out my new nano 4.0s!

Devon W

Oh gymnastic skills, I love you so much. Being tall makes gymnastic skills so easy, getting up from the ground to your feet really fast is such an easy task. (Said no tall person ever).

16:40 with doing singles and knees to elbows and banded dips, so the only one I did right was the burpees to box jumps.

Fun day.

Mark Rogers

Modified WOD. I think the airdyne is going to be my new best friend for awhile.
3 min Airdyne
80 step ups to 20" box
30 T2B (still need to do a lot of practice on kipping technique)
20 ringdips


Trish Emerson

Good luck to the CFLA members who will be competing at Summer Games!


I am glad you liked that post yesterday Mark! The airdyne has been my sort of friend lately as well, while I let my back settle. Did some hard sprints the other day, which did not feel good at all! So yesterday I just did 5 mins at 70-75%, then did 2 mins of double unders and other accessory work. Ended up doing 4x5min intervals. Got me good and sweaty, then I did some stretching after. Next week I can start working with some light weight, so hopefully by the 14th I will be good to go!

I will just repeat what Trish said... Good luck to all our members competing in the Southern Alberta Summer Games!! And especially to those who are competing for the first time!


Broke the DU's into 50's and then 25's for the second 100. Burpee box-jumps didn't seem too bad. Haven't done T2B's for a while. Did them as sets of 10 until the last 10 - forced to do them as singles. Did two sets of 5 for the dips and then groups of 2 & 3 to finish. 12:53 ??

Rod L.

10:35 with bar dips.
First time making it to the 200 mark for unbroken DU's. Stoked on that. Probably should have broken them up because arms were shot for T2B and had to do 5's.
Did some heavy cleans after and worked up to 90%ish- back is feeling much better.

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