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August 07, 2014


Devon W

Nice one today.

A1) 95, 115, 135, 155 I probably should have gone heavier
A2) all 5 but was the first day that I didn't use any bands. Pretty happy about that.
B) 15;10 rx'd this kicked my butt I wish I was better at kipping so that the k2e were easier but they will come.

Glad to be back at 6 am again. Thanks for the push everyone.

Ken B

1. Lunge: 135, 155, 175, 175
Strict Dips: did 10 unweighted reps on the rings each round

2. WOD: 9:50ish (I did the push jerks outside so not sure the exact time I finished)
Did the rx'd weight, but did GHD's instead of K2E as I am trying to let my should recover.

It was a great week, great job everyone!


A1) 75, 95, 115, 125 Good to work on lunges as they need work. A$$ was burning after these!
A2) 5 strict dips per set.
B) 14:02 Rx, rowed 200m instead of run 200m.

That was a good wod. The push jerks were great as you really didn't to put the bar down so it forced you to push harder.

Sean G

A1) 135, 185, 205, 225. Wanted to see if I could go heavier on the lunges today, it was tough, but I was pleased I was able to.

A2) Did 5 dips/set on the dip bars with 45#

B) 8:44 Rx. Wanted to challenge myself and do this completely unbroken


A1) 55/75/85/90
A2) Did all sets with a blue band. These actually felt pretty good today, so I might try them on a red band next time.

B) 14:32. This one was a bit of a mess for me, but still fun. I struggled to find a good weight for the push jerks.
First round was Rx, but after that the K2E fell apart a little bit.
Second round I dropped the push jerks to 55# but that felt too easy, so I bumped back up to 65 for the last two rounds.

Nice to be back at 6am today! Very ready for a weekend off in the mountains, then back at it on Monday!
Have a good weekend, everyone!!


A) 155 every set. I would clean it off the ground then do walking lunges in the front rack position.
A2) 6 strict dips with the weight vest on.
B) I need to work on my presses/ pacing myself so I can do them with out dropping the bar.


145* on the lunges. Damn fat fingers.
Also I am keen like mustard to try this team competition. But as we near harvest it may be hard for me to come in and do the work out. I'm sure things would buff out though. #tractorfitness

Christa C

A1) 65/85/95/105. I love lunges!
A2) 8/7/7/7. Really trying to keep my shoulders down. I tend to shrug as I get tired.
B) not sure of the time. Kid chaos at mom's class! Tried to push the run but man, I stink at running. The rest was ok. I had to break the K2E up earlier than I had planned. Push jerk felt good at 65lb. Probably should have done the rx'd 75lb.
Thanks as always to Heather who puts up with our kids!! I know that it must be hard to look after 3 babies and a handful of crazy kiddos and coach all at the same time. I think I can speak for all the Mamas (and Papa Nathan) and say that we appreciate it so very much!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Sarah N

Amy Boyd and I are thinking of putting in a team. Any guys out there keeners?

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