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August 10, 2014



A) Worked on an empty bar, really focusing on getting under the bar. I worked on keeping myself tight the whole way down and I felt way more stable.

B) 85# felt heavy, so I bumped up to 90# and I think that was a good weight for me.

C) My goal was to finish the row under 4:30 and I got it in 4:10, so I was really excited about that. Gotta say thanks to Colten for walking in and giving me that push to power through at the end.
Got through 47 wall ball shots after that.

Happy Monday everyone!!

Devon W

A) I just worked on my technique and heather gave me a new excerise that I could do to work on my technique and it looked a lot better at the end that is for sure..
B) did 225 the last couple was a struggle but I was really happy with the weight
C) did the row in 3:37 and got 95 WBS. This workout was my jam two things that I am good at..

Thanks for all the help today heather I am thinking that I might actually get ohs now.. Light at the end of the tunnel.

Sean G

A) Worked up to a 155# snatch balance, really focused on getting under the bar quickly.

B) Did 185# for squats, went lighter today, Heather gave me some awesome pointers that really helped my squat, wanted to work on those and get them right.

C) 65 WBS on the 11 ft target


A) Worked up to a 115#, felt better than expected and am super happy with how the overhead movements are feeling.

B) Mike and I misunderstood the instructions and did sets of three, same amount of reps total..
135, 185, 205, 205, 215

C) 60 wall balls.

I kept a steady 2:00 pace and felt fresh coming off the rower. My goal for the wall balls was 25 to 30, and am super pumped with the result. I feel pacing the row slower really helped with that.


*Just realized my weights were wrong for the back squat.
135, 185, 215, 215, 225

Yummy Mummy

A) Got up to 85 before I started involuntarily twerking under the bar

B) Did all sets at 225

C) Did 63 WBS.

Was really nice to see some good looking middle aged bald guy at the mommys class today!

Christa C

A) worked up to 65lb and felt good....thank you crossover symmetry!
B) all at 115. Thanks for the tips Heather. Having a strong arm position on the bar definitely helped tighten everything up!
C) 53 WBS
It was nice to see another Dad hitting up Mamas class!! Great job today everyone. Fun day!


Hope everyone had a good weekend
A) stayed at 95lbs and focused on driving myself under the bar. I have a bad habit of using my knees more than my hips so I am trying to curve that.
B) I did my first set at 195 which felt pretty good. I got some great pointers from Heather so I dropped the weight and focused on technique.
C) Rowing felt good and finished at about 3:18. I broke up the wall balls in sets of 10. I ended up getting 86wbs. I gave myself a couple no reps so hopefully next time we encounter this wod I can do a little better.
Have a good one.


Returned to CFLA today during open gym time for a quick workout. I was so nervous as today was my first day back after having our beautiful daughter Raya, 5 weeks and 2 days ago. Motherhood is amazing but I have been feeling physically weak and missing my pre-natal fitness. It has been tough, I will admit - until today. One of the reasons I love CFLA so much is the wonderful people - I was welcomed back with such warmness and support. The other members there today helped me realize that maybe my body isn't as weak as I think it is, that it is exactly where it needs to be and that I am on a new fitness journey. I wanted to send a huge cyber thank you to those wonderful people for a new perspective; you know who you are!

Rod L.

Feeling pretty burnt today, still coming back from vaycay.

Snatch balanced 145. Missed 150 (which is odd cause I can snatch that for 1)
squatted at 185.
51 Rx, no engine today.

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