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August 17, 2014



A) 175 PR
B) 5 rounds + 7 box jumps + T2B

I did dips with the things you put in the rack and as it got harder used a little hop to assist out of the bottom. T2B and dips were tough, I tried to touch my toes each time but it didn't always happen.

Sorry Heather, didn't come through on getting seven rounds.

Ken B

1. 225
2. 7 rounds plus 1 box jump. I did GHD's in place of T2B, since my shoulder is still causing me problems when I hang. I found the most time consuming part of the WOD to be the transition between movements, but was happy that I was able to keep cycling through with needing to break.

Mark Rogers

A) 175#.
B) 5 rounds + 9. Did step downs on the box jumps, but on the bright side I was able to jump up today for the first time since the injury. Ring dips definitely were a killer about the 4th round.


So Blair I was just checking the Minnesota Vikings Schedule, they are playing against the New England Patriots September 13th Sunday night football!! That would be a nice way to wrap up the Granite Games, I know Heather would be stoked to go! ha.

We will probably have to put in a good shift at the mall of America, but if we stick together I know we can survive it.


A). #95. Working on technique. Have a tendency to drop too much in the bottom.
B). 4 rounds + 14. 20 box, ring dips I did 2 rounds strict then the last rounds with a red band.


Damn JT I never looked at the schedule. It says the last wods are sunday evening but doesn't mention any times. I am all over an NFL game, even if it is the vikings. Still need to book flights too.

PS anybody selling any max adrenal?


So fun to be back at the moms class today!! I honestly missed the craziness.

A) Got 95 pounds which is a PR for my jerk, a PR for a front squat and tied my PR for a clean. I felt really really happy with this!

B) One rep short of finishing my 5th round. I used a 20 inch box. I also got almost all toes to bar, with a couple knees to elbows at the end of each round. I did 5 dips per round using a blue band.

Really fun day. After the wod I stayed while a couple of my friends got an intro course from Heather. All in all, great day!

Sean G

Working out at Crossfit Zone in Victoria for the next couple of days:
5 sets of 2 back squat 240, 250, 260, 270, 280
3 rounds for time:
21 thrusters (95#)
15 burpees
9 pull-ups

Missing the 6am crew, but I'll see you all soon!


Yeah it is just a thought about the Game, wasn't sure about the schedule for Sundays events. Either way I am sure we will get some drinks in, once you guys are done competing all weekend!

I know a guy who knows a guy... who knows a guy that sells Max Adrenal. That being Mike. haha.


Hey guy hope you had a good weekend.
A) 205. Finally getting my hips back instead of going forward. #stoked
B) 6 rounds rx
The ring dips caught up to me after a couple rounds and slowed things down, otherwise it's a fun wod.

Devon W

A) that was fun but for some reason I can't get past 155. I can do 155 a bunch of times but can't go any higher for some reason..
B) did 5 rounds with not quite t2b and blue band ring dips..

Overall I didn't have a good day weight wise.. Must have a case of the Mondays

Rod L.

A) 190 @ 175bw.
B) 5 Rounds

Was hoping for a PR power clean, no dice. Did make 100% after significant volume yesterday, I'll take that as a win.

Brendan C

A: 215 lbs ( Need to work on split position under heavier loads)
B: 5 rounds plus 3 box jump (24 inch)

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