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August 06, 2014



CFLA Honey Badgers definitely need to be resurrected. Clear eyes full hearts can't lose. #believeachieve

Ken B

Turkish Get Ups - I used the barbell for these as I wanted to work on the balance more so than the weight. It went well, worked up to 65lbs. My stability felt a lot better in my scaps, so the daily scap-jack work is paying off.
WOD: 53lbs, 12:53. I gamed this one too much. I thought I would do sets of 30, and row 4 times. After the second set of 30 my forearms were so burnt out I wasn't able to keep up the pace. I should have gone as far as possible with the first round, and then pieced together the rest like a lot of people did in the 6 am class.

Great job Alida and Jen on doing 100 unbroken! That is crazy.

Sean G

A) Worked up to 70# DBs for a 1RM. Then I tried using the barbell (with less weight), mostly because Ken and Dawn were doing it and it looked cool hahaha!

B) Yeah, Alida and Jen murdered this one, props to them! Finished in 8:01 with a 24 kg bell, my original plan was to do 70, 40, 40... but that changed after about 100 swings hahah, I ended up doing it in 70, 40, 20, 20.

Mark Rogers

A) Got up to 65# on the right arm. With the left arm I couldn't quite get all the way up.
B) 8:53 @ 53#. Broke this into 40, 40, 30, 20, 20. Ended up doing one more set than I had planned but my forearms were too torched to go any longer on the sets.
Nice work Jen and Alida for killing this one. Going 100 reps and then 50 is pretty impressive!

Devon W

A) only got up to 50# db this is a cool one..
B) did 50,40,40,20. Did it in 9:15 I think not to sure now though. Haha thanks Sean for the tip to do reverse grip on the rower it helped a bunch.

Hope to return back to the 6am crew tomorrow been going to bed too late lately.


A) Got up to 26# ...coordination was severely lacking on this one.

B) 10:38
I was going to use the 20# KB but decided to step it up and go with the 26#.
Did the first 100 unbroken, then came back from my row to find my KB had been magically replaced with a 35# one. (Thanks a lot, Jeff!)
Last 50 were broken up into 2 sets of 25.

After class, Jeff, Brit, Colten and I played on my ripstick for awhile. For anyone who has seen Colten's coordination with a skipping rope, you can imagine how the ripstick went. Hilarity ensued.

I'm with Devon, hoping to get back to 6am tomorrow!


A) I worked my way up to the 28kg bell. I tried the 32kg bell and was able to go through the full range of motion with it on my right. But my left shoulder wanted nothing to do with it.
B) Hurt so good. Went 110 unbroken to try and get as much done before my forearms got pumped. The last 40 were not easy.
6:01 with a 24kg bell.
High five to Brit as we finished the wod at the same time.
Great work 7am.
Ripsticks.... Not for me ... That is all.


It's been fun the last 2 mornings! I really should get my butt outta bed every morning. Mornings=light breeze to work out in. Best kept secret you early birds! After a long night shift you guys make for some great company. Anyways didnt do anything to crazy with those Turkish things... And finished those kettle bell swings the same time as Colten. Can't wait to see how ripped my forearms look tomorrow cause they were def feelin it by the end of that one :). Hope everyone has a good workout today!


7 am WOD at CrossFit Zone in Victoria
Strength 5 X 5 Front Squat on 3:00 @ about 65% of 1 RM
95, 105, 105, 115, 125
100 m sprint, 25 m walking lunges, 12 burpees
3 rounds, plus run and lunges
Today is our daughter Shannon's wedding. Going to be a great day!


So Heather, Russ and Jordan if we are really doing this CrossFit Team Series thing, the Games site just Team Rogue Fitness Black (Rich Froning capt, Jason Khalipa, Joulie Foucher and Sam Briggs). Pretty sure with enough #believeachieve and #timhortonssponsorship we can win this thing!!



the Games site just posted*


Props to Britt for working out after her night shift! Crazy woman!

Jordan girl

Those guys ain't got nothing on us! It's what's in your heart that matters. Russ and I #believeachieve'd pretty good today, so I'm confident we are well on our way.

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