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August 11, 2014



A) 145# for 12 times

B) 6 rounds and made it through 7 pushups after the 2 sled pulls in my seventh round.

Sean G

We had to split into two groups, since 6 am was a big class today and there were only so many sleds, so I did the WOD first:

A) 9 rounds + 1 pull, 1 drag and 3 pushups (sled was 205#)
B) Used 195#

Ken B

I was part of the group that did the WOD first, and I lost count of rounds! I think I did 8 rounds plus a pull, drag, and 10 push-ups.
I did 185 for cleans, which seemed a lot heavier after doing the WOD.

Devon W

I was the team that did the sled's second in the 6 am crew

A) did 135 till about 7 minutes and heather told me that it looked to light so I jumped up to 155 for the last 5 times.
B) Did 8 rounds plus sled there and back and no push-ups I used 115# plus the sled. I liked this exercise it worked on things that I really haven't done before and was a nice change.

It was nice to have Carter and Heather there today. Carter thanks for the tip for the fast elbows.


So I was driving home yesterday from work, and who do I see running along university drive at 4:45pm in 30 degree weather....... None other than Sean "the masochist" Glydon!!!


I also did the wod first this morning.

A) Just finished the 7th round, with 90# on the sled.

B) Did the first 3 rounds at 75# and then bumped up to 85, which was definitely the right weight for me. Felt heavy coming out of the squat but not impossible.

Another fun day at 6am. Good job everyone!!

Sean G

Hahaha! That had to be one of the roughest runs I've had in a while JT. The heat made me sweat extra profusely haha!


I bet Sean!

Remember 1/2 oz of water per pound of bodyweight, and that is just WATER! coffee, pop or alcohol dont get taken into account. That's my advice from K-Star for these hot summer days, stay hydrated everyone!


Well today was fun!
A) 165 worked on keeping my hips back. Thanks for the pointers Carter.
B) I enjoyed this as our group got a little competitive. Heather showed us a neat trick to wrap the strap around our forearms to save our grip. We immediately thought of karate kid and " wax on, wax off."
We put 180lbs on the sled but lost count of how many rounds we did we guesstimated 8-9.


A/ 95lb for first 5, 100lb for last 5
B/ Tire plus 45lb. Lost count of rounds. I was really trying not to let Ian lap me...but he did...more than once.
Great day today. Love EMOMs!

Christine W

As a side note, the squats are killing me this week. I can't lift my legs high enough to walk up the stairs, apparently. Two days in a row I've tripped up the stairs at the university, in front of all my summer camp kids... #nomoresquats

Rod L

A) 175. Need to continue to practice re-hooking. A lot more. Ripped due to a couple boggled re-hooks. Rrrrg.

B) A few PU's away from 8 rounds with 90 on an E-Sled inside. Fun WOD.

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