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August 12, 2014


Sean G

A) Spent most of my time working on bar muscle-ups, rope climbs and pistols. Christine is pretty incredible with the rope, she put on a clinic this morning.

B) 8:03 with 225#. My grip was pretty shot from doing a bunch of rope climbs, but John was going at a good clip, so I had to dig deep haha.


A) 1 pt - 15' Rope climb
4 pts - UB Strict pullups
5 pts - UB strict dips
5 pts - UB HSPU's
15 pts - Total points

B) 9:36 - Dead lift @ body weight 195#, CTB pullups aren't quite in my wheelhouse so I completed the workout doing regular pullups.


A) Fun to play around this morning. Rope climbs are my thing, so that was fun. I worked on my legless climbs today. My pulls are still really small but I was averaging 8 pulls each time, which is more than I have ever gotten before. There just might be a full legless rope climb in my near future!

B) 9:58 with 135# deadlift and red banded pull ups. Thanks for the tips on the deadlift Carter!


*A) I completed the scaled warmup


And thanks Sean! Happy to help out.

Devon W

A) worked on a lot of things today.. Found another thing I need to work on.. Just getting my tall self on the wall for hspu.. It was fun.. I got 10 points with pull-ups and dips and almost got the leg less rope climb but I couldn't get the last one...
B) 10:05 with 215.. This was tough my forearms were killing me after that one..


Another fun morning.
Great way way to start the day.
A) got to work with a couple new movements, had some laughs with trying to get that damn free standing hspu.
13 points in the rx list of movements.
B) 8:02 @ 205lbs


A/ completed the scaled. 25 points. I think I sit between the scaled and the rx on this one but this was so fun!!
B/ used body weight for deadlifts. 13:30. Darn CTB. They definitely feel more solid but pretty slow.

Great job to everyone at Moms class. It was chaos this morning. I am pretty sure Heather was holding 10 kids at once at one point!

Ian Bennett

Part a - option 1 and did everything but the freestanding push up and l sit rope (I guess mine changed to a Y sit climb too often). Was surprised I got the 5 bar muscle ups as I haven't tried them since last summer.

Part B "the shredder" - around 10 minutes to complete... dang rip on the last ctb of the day.

Fun day though, I like all the gymnastics stuff.

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