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August 05, 2014


Ken B

1. Sprints were good, but I am the type of person that would rather do sprints than any type if distance run!
2. WOD: 8:37. I was happy that I did the first set of doubles unbroken. Push-ups were the longest part of the workout for me.


1) Mark and I did 4 x 100m sprints on the rower.
2) 10:48 50 air squats, 500 m row, 50 pushups, 1.5 min on the airdyne, 50 air squats.

Mark Rogers

A) Like Simon said, did 4 X 100m sprint rows instead of running. Thanks for the push here Simon. My ankle actually felt pretty good after this.
B) 8:31
Modified the WOD
50 air squats
1:30 airdyne
50 PU's
500m row
50 air squats

Sean G

A) Ken is a really fast sprinter, he kicked my butt for the first three sprints, and I finally managed to just edge him out on the 4th one.

B) 8:37 Rx. DUs are still not super awesome for me, but I made up for it by doing the pushups almost unbroken and keeping a fast, consistent pace on the air squats.

Devon W

A) Colten and Brittany are crazy fast and I was happy just being in the same company as them
B) modified this one due to the fact I don't have DU's I did 200 singles each time. Did in 9:29

Brian killed this one. I think he did it in like 7:30 or something crazy like that, so good at DU's


A) Sprints suck. That's all.

B) 12:38....I knew this was going to suck for me and it did. Squats were easy but I always seem to hurt my knee when I go fast, so I kept them slow and steady. Stuck to doubles for the whole thing, which wasn't pretty but I did it. I did sets of 5 for the push ups which let me keep them pretty steady.

Definitely missed the 6am crew this morning, but 7am was pretty fun!


Strength - Sumo Deadlifts 5 x 5 on 3:00
145, 145, 165, 175, 185
WOD - 'Helen'
3 Rounds - 400 m run, 21 KBS (55), 12 Pull-ups



Just throwing this out there for everyone to check out, looks like you can make a stacked team. As the rules are different than the Open, so you can have teammates from anywhere. You just have to do the workouts together in the same gym.

Russ we should maybe reunite team Honey Badgers, just have to get a couple ladies to join.

Maybe we can just do these workouts for fun as well, as it cost $100.00 per team to take part.

Ian Bennett

Sprints - yes...barely

Part B - 7:10. A very difficult 7:10.


Reading the comments it seems like 6am and 7am, would be the competitive class times. Keep up all the hard work, all you early riser's! CrossFit is hard enough, let alone getting up early to do it. So, respect!

Jordan girl

That looks fun JT!!

Sean G

Thanks JT


As I write this I am glad I went earlier.... It's warm out this afternoon.
A) The sprints were a nice start to the day. It was a fast group today, I think at one point Brit was cursing at Devon and I for having long legs haha.
B) This may come as a surprise to some but I really suck at doubles.... And at skipping in general. People have described them as "most hysterical" before.
Thanks to Christine for saying she came to the 7 am class to laugh at me while I struggled with this one. It was appreciated.
I did 150 that were singles / double attempts... I really need to work on those.
10:45ish in that area.


No problem Sean and the rest of you early morning peeps!! Keep the comments flowing, and I am sure more class times will follow!


Thanks JT
Did see your comment before.



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